Kickstarter: Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge Combines Comic Style Artwork With Final Fantasy Role Playing

In this article, we’ll be discussing the games that have hit Kickstarter in recent months. Legena, Elysian Shadows, and Demon’s Revenge are all titles that will never run out of backers due to their large amount of social media support.

After about four years in development, Demon’s Revenge is now being published. The game is to be split into five chapters with the first chapter set to be released early next year if Kickstarter donations are adequate.

They don’t need to wait years, or forever, for the next chapter. JJK Productions has set the release schedule to be bi-monthly with each chapter ending with a motion comic and a definitive finish to that section of the overall story.

The game world in White Guardian Studios is familiar and well planned. This means that playing the game will feel like any other RPG– you pick up items to suit your needs and delve into quests.

There are various objects, like crates and stones that can be used as weapons. Buildings and water can be both explored and encountered with enemies, where plants might end up obstructing your view of the respective hazards.

Cornerstone of Demon’s Revenge is a compelling position that applies a square Final Fantasy style combat system. The player characters occupy the right side, creating a layout with the enemy on the left.

White Guardian Studios is committed to offering a custom-tailored experience by ensuring the ability of equipped characters to cut down trees and make use of them as weapons against their enemies. In addition, by knocking NPCs into tables filled with chemicals or other dangerous items, players will be able to engage with the immediate result of their actions.

Remember the early days of the 32-Bit generation? One comment really stuck out to me: environmental-based battles. This fights made it into an RPG called Demon’s Revenge and were limited to what you could see onscreen.

They mention that as a player, you now have much more to do with fully-realized 3D worlds. Until now, games have been constrained to simple button pressing and the occasional text adventure, but for players who crave a sense of agency in a digital world, these limitations can be a drawback to meaningful interaction.

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