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Kickstarter: Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge Combines Comic Style Artwork with Final Fantasy Role Playing

Role playing games on Kickstarter are, seemingly, a dime a dozen so I am doing my best to only cover the ones that really are interesting titles. Legena, Elysian Shadows, etc are genuinely titles that I think retro gaming fans will enjoy. Now, we can add Demon’s Revenge to that list of projects that are using Kickstarter as a stepping stone to completion. Why should you care about Demon’s Revenge? It combines elements of action role playing games such as the Zelda series (picking up objects) with battle scenes that any Final Fantasy fan will be familiar with (turn based, similar layout, etc) and rounding out the visuals is a great comic book style of artwork.

Demon’s Revenge has been in development for about four years now by White Guardian Studios. The interesting thing about Demon’s Revenge is that it will be spread over five chapters, the first being available in the first quarter of 2015 if the Kickstarter is funded. For anyone thinking that is a bad idea based on other “episodic” releases such as SiN Episode One or Half Life 2 Episodes 1 and 2 don’t fret. You won’t have to wait years, or forever, for the next chapter to become available as the release schedule is set for a bi-monthly episode release. Each chapter will end with a motion comic and a definitive finish to that section of the overall story.

Exploring the game world that White Guardian Studios are creating will feel familiar to just about anyone that has been playing role playing games for at least a little while.  You will be able to pick up some items, such as crates, and throw them to open them.  Buildings can be entered, water can be swam through (though be prepared for there to be enemies there too) and foliage will sometimes become a hindrance in blocking your view.Celestial Tear Demons Revenge White Guardian Studios 2

Onto what I think is the really interesting part of Demon’s Revenge. The combat system, face it, you will be spending almost as much time in this section of the game as you will the exploration so it better be good. The battles are setup similar to those you will find in Square’s Final Fantasy series with the player characters on the right side of the screen and the enemy occupying the left. According to White Guardian Studios, you will have the ability, wth the properly equipped character, to do things in battle such as cutting down trees and using them against the enemy or knocking them into a table of chemicals and other mad scientist things and fighting the results.Celestial Tear Demons Revenge White Guardian Studios

Remember the early days of the 32-Bit generation? One comment really stuck out to me, one that never materialized. That is environmental based battles- which Demon’s Revenge will have. Basically, various developers referred to the limitations of the 16-Bit platforms and how in role playing games you were stuck with only your character and their small inventory. They mentioned that with the additional raw power and memory (thanks to CD-ROM) you could have battles that took place in “real world” like locations. You could interact with things in the background and use those items in battles. Demon’s Revenge is looking to fulfill that long forgotten promise of past developers.

Check out Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge on Kickstarter, their website and on Youtube.

Carl Williams

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