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Kickstarter- Legena Union Tides Brings 16-Bit Style RPG Goodness to Multiple Platforms with Your Help

Grandpa Pixel, the developer behind the 16-Bit style Role Playing Game Legena Union Tides, has returned to Kickstarter. The goal is set rather low which is unusual for Kickstarter projects but shows the depth of development already done for Legena- this is not something that is coming from scratch and all work really begins after funding- Grandpa Pixel have been working on Legena and it shows (check the demo out for proof).

Several updates to the tried and true turn based RPG formula are present in Legena. Legena battles show who goes next so you can plan your attacks and defense moves appropriately (no more guessing if you can heal a character before the next enemy attack). You can control the weather during combat to hinder your opponents and to make your spells and attacks more powerful- just be careful, some of your enemies can do the same to you. Using the Difficulty Grid you can even tailor Legena to your skill level, or make it an amazingly difficult challenge- the choices are nearly endless and so is the replay value.

The most interesting part of Legena, at least to me, is the Choices system (with the Difficulty Grid a very close second). With the Choices system that Grandpa Pixel have in place you can expect different outcomes based on your actions in the game. In games like the Dragon Warrior series your choices didn’t really matter, you got the same game with each replay no matter what you did. In Legena the possibilities exist to change your friends, enemies and who will and will not help you based on how you play- do you help a non-player character recover what they want the most or do you ignore their cries for help and continue on your own journey? If you don’t help them now, they may not help you later and that could be dire to your overall quest. The best example I can think of from another game would be the Knights of the Old Empire game(Xbox and PC) where your choices mattered- they matter once again in Legena Union Tides.Legena Union Tides

Check out the check list of cool stuff for the first game in the Legena series:

6+ Super Bosses

18+ Dungeons

20+ Side Quests

30+ Easter Eggs

200+ Cutscenes

200+ Items (Including Weapons, Feathers, Etc)

250+ areas to explore. The first dungeon had no more than 10 on its own.

Millions of Pixels

You read that right, Union Tides is just the first game in a planned trilogy.Legena Union Tides 2

Grandpa Pixel have returned to Kickstarter for a measely £1,000 to make the soundtrack better. The Legena engine is complete but Grandpa Pixel understand that there is more to a great game than just a cool storyline, awesome graphics and interesting battles. Gamers want sound and music that matters. isten to the samples on their Kickstarter page to get an idea of what they are going for.

Source: Legena Union Tides Kickstarter

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