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Country Music Group Little Big Town Uses Dr Mario Style Game to Promote new Album

It is not that often that we will cover music album releases, let alone country music, here on Retro Gaming Magazine. That goes out the window when the music group in question uses a retro game for inspiration to help drive home the announcement. That is exactly what country music group, Little Big Town, have done to promote their new album which releases tomorrow. If you are good enough at Dr. Mario then you can listen to the whole album right now as you cure virus style bugs with the help of the music group (they play the part of Mario and toss the pills into the bottle).

As mentioned already, Pain Killer is a Dr. Mario style game that just happens to feature background music that is tracks from their, soon to release, album. This is interesting since not many music groups do this, let alone country music groups. Sure, pop and metal music (and a few dips into the country music too) have been involved in gaming thanks to the popular “Rock Band” and Guitar Hero series but country music is still largely untapped.Little Big Town Country Dr Mario Retro Game

As you play Pain Killer, you will get to hear more songs (the full list is on the right side of the screen).  This is an interesting incentive to keep playing, even if you suck at Dr. Mario but are a fan of Little Big Town.  It is original and an interesting method to promote the album.  The songs are limited to 90 second clips but that is enough to know if you will like the song or not (did you expect the whole album for just playing a game?).Little Big Town Country Dr Mario Retro Game 2

Graphically Pain Killer is shooting for that 8-Bit NES style that so many modern games go for. Pixel art, pixel game, whatever you call it, the style is recognizable. If you are not a country music fan then Pain Killer won’t change your mind but if you want to kill a few minutes playing a Dr. Mario clone then there are worse ones available.

Play Pain Killer here.  The album will release on October 21st, 2014.


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