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New Game- Revolver360 RE:Actor Brings 2D/3D Scrolling Shooting To Modern Gamers

Anyone remember Philosoma on the originaly Playstation? The changing views with each level, the over the top graphics (for the time) were great. Well, Revolver360 RE:Actor has taken that style to a whole new level with a fully 3D game world but played from a 2D perspective. The video below illustrates this take on the genre really well.

Normally when playing a scrolling shooter, you are stuck on one plain of gameplay. Enemy firepower is coming at you, covering the height of the screen and you have nowhere to go to avoid receiving damage. In Revolver360 you can rotate the whole playfield and now that wall of lasers is now no taller than your ship, it just “goes into the screen” so to speak on another plain, easily avoidable. That is freaking cool.

revolver360 reactor pc shooter philosoma 2Rethink scrolling shooters with Revolver360 RE:Actor.

Revolver360 RE:Actor
Platform: PC
Genre: Scrolling shooter
Available now on

Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “New Game- Revolver360 RE:Actor Brings 2D/3D Scrolling Shooting To Modern Gamers”

  1. Carl Williams says:

    One plain as in you can shift things in a 3D world then move (not freely move in 3D such as “into” the screen). It is hard to describe but the video shows it off quite well.

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