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New Game: Sega Dreamcast to Receive SLaVE in 2015

We recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Sega Dreamcast, as we enter the next 15 years we will continue to see more new games released. First Person Shooters (FPS) were a genre that was rather popular at the time of the Dreamcast launch, a genre that is still popular, and indie developers are more than happy to continue creating them. The problem with most FPS titles is originality- we have been to war torn countries throughout history many times, other planets, ships and more. SLaVE is quite possibly what would happen if Doom were to meld with Robotron 2084 (just 70 years away folks, will be here before we know it).

Using a modified version of the Doom engine (thanks id, for releasing the source for that) called 3DGE. What 3DGE offers is the ability to look around like in later id software releases such as Quake. The one thing that is not offered by 3DGE, and why there can be so many enemies onscreen at once, is sprite based enemies rather than polygon ones. Sure, the Dreamcast can push some serious polygons (just look at Soul Calibur), the enemies in SLaVE would be a lot different and lose their retro feel.

GOAT Store Publishing is working with Jay Townsend’s Isotope Softworks to bring SLaVE to the Sega Dreamcast in April 2015. There will be a severe limit on the number of copies made available- not sure why as this just screws over the general fan/supporter of these projects but that is what is happening here. Order as soon as possible if you are even remotely interested in this game, it is surely to be sold out as word gets around.

According to the press release, there will only be 84 “Limited Limited Edition” copies available (already sold out folks). What fans can expect with this edition is an extended manual, oversized arcade “token” (remember those?) and two mini posters. There will be no more of this edition made available (again, sold out already) which sucks for fans as the Dreamcast certainly has more than 84 rabid fans out there.SLaVE Isotope Softworks GOAT Store Sega Dreamcast Doom FPS 2

Regular edition copies will be made available in a quantity of only 400 complete games. This is still being called the “Limited Edition” which is going to be confuising to fans. This version gets you a mini poster, normal manual, no arcade token and a copy of the game.

484 copies is it. Presumably, based on the wording of the press release, there will eventually be a “normal edition” that does not have the mini poster of the “limited edition” but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that.

Head over to the GOAT Store to place your order for the “Limited Edition”. If you wanted the “Limited Limited Edition” I suggest watching Ebay around April 2015 as that is surely where most of them will end up at exorbitant pricing.

Source: Dreamcast-Scene and Segabits via Retro Game Network

Carl Williams

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