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New Game: Flappy Bird Ported to the Amiga CD32

Flappy Bird has been making the rounds quite a bit in the retro gaming world (as evidenced here). The Commodore Amiga CD32 is now added to the list of platforms this little, infuriating, game has hit. The CD32 version has some much appreciated differences versus the other ports though, maybe just enough to entice gamers to give it another shot.

Thanks to Michael Gibs, Flappy Bird is now available for the CD32 platform- hate this game? Blame him. Before you start writing him a ton of hate mail though, check out the changes that he made to the game.flappy bird amiga CD32 port

The big change in the CD32 version is that, with the bigger screen, there is now more of the game world visible. No longer are you limited to seeing one or two pipes and trying to plan for those. You can see several pipes in this port.

Grab the download at Unofficial CD32 Ports.

Source: Unofficial CD32 Ports via Indie Retro News

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