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New Game- Outpost 13 Brings Horror to Point and Click Adventures

Remember the movie “The Thing”? Outpost 13 is similar to that classic movie (not the remake) but with a slight twist. In Outpost 13 you are not the hero by any means and that is not good for everyone else in the last bastion of what could be called “surviving” in the icy wilderness that surrounds you.

Set on the icy planet Achelous IV, Outpost 13 tasks you with controlling a dog that has come into contact with an alien. Fen, the dog, has been fused with an alien named “Tantalus”. Now that you are two in one, you have to find a way off Achelous, while being a dog.outpost 13 the thing horror point and click adventure kickstarter

The challenge in Outpost 13 is all in how you conquer the tasks ahead. You can’t simply walk around and pick things up and konk crew members over the head to kill them. Fen can’t use costumes to scare the crew into leaving the planet, and hopefully taking you with them. What you can do as Fen is use the ventilation shafts, create distractions and cause mayhem- without being caught. If you cause too much trouble and the crew figure out you are an alien they will respond in kind with fire. Keep that in mind.

If you are a fan of The Thing the movie then you will probably be right at home with Outpost 13. The only thing standing between you enjoying this new game and scaring the crap out of your crewmates is that it needs funding on Kickstarter. There is also a Steam Greenlight campaign in progress.  Outpost 13 will hit Windows (Steam), Linux and Macintosh computers if the fund raising campaign is successful.

Source: Indie Retro News

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