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New Game- Super Cyborg on Desura, Looking to Bring Contra Style Action to Steam Also

I am not going to sit here and tell you that Super Cyborg is basically 8-Bit Contra. I hate it when people do that stuff. It is not true, this game is not exactly like Contra but it has a feel like Contra like Gran Turismo may evoke a nostalgia filled series of thoughts back to Ridge Racer- sure both are racing games but they are different in many ways. Super Cyborg is a run and gun like Contra, has aliens that have the taste of human blood on their lips and a decent challenge but other than that, the games are different.

Super Cyborg features seven levels and three difficulty settings (one is unlockable) all set to a chiptune soundtrack. If you have a second player available, locally, then you can tear through the levels together and stop the alien infestation of an unnamed island.Super Cyborg retro Contra style action steam desura 2

The graphics of Super Cyborg are definitely the sprite based pixel fests that retro gamers enjoy. These are not 8-Bit graphics by any means, more like 16-Bit graphics on par with what the SNES and Sega Genesis pushed around their second years of life, not their best but still pretty darn good looking.

You can grab Super Cyborg on Desura right now for less than a Burger King combo meal. Over on Steam, you can cast your vote in the Steam Green Light process and maybe we will see Super Cyborg on that service sooner than later.

Source: Indie Retro News

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