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Fan Translation/Bandit Gaming- Crime Patrol 2 Drug Wars for PSOne Translated to English, Updated

This is a first for us here at Retro Gaming Magazine- our first combo Fan Translation/Bandit Gaming article. For those of you keeping track, Crime Patrol 2 only officially hit the 3DO and the CD-i platforms as far as retro consoles (Digital Leisure made it available for the average DVD player about 12 years ago though). Thanks to fans, Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars is now available for the original Playstation, in English, with some updates. This port was originally handled by Russian hackers in case anyone is wondering.

If you are not familiar with Full Motion Video (FMV), you are probably not as “retro” as you think you are. Nothing wrong with that really, there are a lot of people that are into retro games but have probably never played an FMV game. Basically, FMV games use real footage, either people or cartoons, for the games rather than sprites and animation. This, especially in the early days, gave the resulting “games” a challenge of variety- play them once and it is pretty much the same thing over and over, of course, aren’t all games that way? When you play Super Mario Bros for the millionth time, does the first level change somehow? In FMV games though, this limitation was definitely more in your face as things were EXTREMELY limited and it showed prominently.

Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars originally was an American Laser Games title from 1994. As the name of the company suggests, they specialized in games that used Laserdisc technology (Dragon’s Lair, Space Ace, etc). The gameplay is horribly limiting but that is the same for all of these FMV games. My favorite FMV title, Dracula Unleashed, though did do an admirable job at giving some challenge and replay value to the proceedings but it was still quite limiting and not nearly as replayable as any of the King’s Quest games. Watch the video above for an idea of what to expect from Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars.

Improvements that were made with this fan translation/Bandit Gaming title include the ability to control the “gun sight” with your controller. Light gun support has been removed- who has a pair of those laying around anymore, anyhow? The audio is still in Russian though but menus and the like are translated so you can understand what kind of hell you are getting into with this game.

Head over to Retrocollect for the download link.

Source: Retrocollect

Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “Fan Translation/Bandit Gaming- Crime Patrol 2 Drug Wars for PSOne Translated to English, Updated”

  1. thor says:

    Interesting. I didnt know that is it possible to convert game from console to another by amateurish users. But to be honest-there are much more better games than this poor one. I would like to play Saturn version of Quake on PS1,for instance.

    • These Full Motion Video games are easier to port between different consoles due to them simply being a menu system calling up the next piece of video footage. The actual porting is just a simple program that takes “user action” and displays the correct video clip.

      Porting something like Saturn Quake to the Playstation One console would be much harder as each console handled 3D differently. For proof, take a look at Toshinden, Wipeout and a few others that appeared on both consoles and see the differences.

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