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3D Endless Running Takes Off With Space Harrier II on Sega Genesis – Today in History – August 14th, 1989

While not the first title to feature 3D “endless” running gameplay, Space Harrier II is the first to feature it on the Sega Genesis. Sega was eager to show off the power of their newly launched console and what better way to do that than with a title that would be severely limited on the Nintendo Entertainment System? Space Harrier II, as the title suggests, is a sequel, the first for the Sega Genesis.

The Genesis was not perfect at scaling objects on screen but it was better at it than the Nintendo NES and that is probably one reason Sega chose it as a launch title. Space Harrier II did a decent job, for the time, at performing though it has not aged well at all. Just look at the video below for proof of that.

The unique perspective changed depending on whether you were running across the land or performing a long jump.  This slight change in the view adds quite a bit of depth to the overall game and adds a bit more strategy in avoiding or killing enemies.

Space Harrier II is an unforgiving title, one hit and you are dead, though you get a few “lives” to burn through before it is game over. Avoiding huge obstacles like columns along with smaller things like trees and rocks while shooting down, or avoiding, enemies will test the mettle of many a gamer. With 12 levels it is going to be a battle to the death (the end boss’ demise or your patience).256px-SegaGenesis-SpaceHarrier2Cover

Space Harrier II has seen a re-release on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console and over the years has been ported to nearly every computer available.

For your copy of Space Harrier II we have collected some links below:

Wii Virtual Console
Windows (
Steam, Gamersgate, DotEmu)

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