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Rise From Your Grave, Altered Beast – Today in History – August 14, 1989

As mentioned in the history article for the Sega Genesis, Altered Beast was the pack in title. For gamers that got into gaming after the original Playstation launched, a pack in game is just that, a game that came with the console, an actual full game- not a demo. Altered Beast was not the greatest arcade game, nor was it the most recognizable name, but Sega went with it anyhow for their newly launched 16-Bit console, the Sega Genesis. Altered Beast did what it needed to do, it showed how closely the Genesis could handle arcade ports and that impressed gamers.

Before God of War made ancient Greece and its mythos famous, Altered Beast ran rampant in this realm. Playing as a nameless centurion who is brought back to life by Zeus (hence the title of this article) you are tasked with rescuing Athena (why can’t gods and their daughters save their own butts?). An interesting fact about Altered Beast is that the designer went on to develop another title in the fantasy realm, Golden Axe.

Altered Beast is a side scrolling brawler similar to Vigilante and not so much like Golden Axe. Here you are limited to one plain of gameplay rather than being able to go up and down the screen to avoid enemies and collect power ups.Altered_Beast_cover

Altered Beast hit a ton of platforms, not just the Sega Genesis (most are computer platforms on both sides of the pond). Altered Beast has also appeared in multiple re-release compilations such as Sega Smash Pack and Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection.
For a copy of Altered Beast, we have collected links here:

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Wii Virtual Console
Playstation Network
Xbox Live

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