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Kickstarter: Night Trap Revamped, it is Full Motion Video and it is Pretty Cool, Seeks Funding

Anyone that has been in gaming from the early days, or at least the late 80’s, will probably remember a time when gaming tried to go Hollywood. What this meant was, actors/actresses and real world stuff was used in more and more games. Not like Mortal Kombat but actual video footage was used to make up the game- not unlike watching a choose your own adventure movie (well, TV show since the storage space on CD’s was quite limiting). This genre was appropriately called Full Motion Video (FMV).

The original Night Trap hit the Sega CD on October 15th, 1992- keep that date in mind. It was not originally designed for the Sega CD though, it was designed for an earlier console that never surfaced so the developers moved it to Sega’s fledgling add-on to reap some financial return. Eventually Night Trap hit the 3DO, 32X and personal computers before it was finally left to history. Night Trap also holds a special place in gaming history as it was one of the titles that was markedly apparent in the government hearings of the time on videogame violence and it helped usher in the game rankings system we use today.

Night Trap ReVamped is getting the full update treatment. We are talking removing as much grain as possible (all versions had this with the PC verion being least affected). If the Kickstarter is successful we can expect to see Night Trap ReVamped on PC, Macintosh, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. There are multiple pledge levels with some of the higher ones offering some extremely rare and interesting gaming memorabilia related to not only Night Trap but gaming history itself.Night Trap retro Full Motion Video Sega CD Congress Horror2

Hit the Kickstarter and show some support if you enjoy these types of games (surely I am not the only one).

Source: Retro Game Network

Carl Williams

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