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Kickstarter: Gryphon Knight Epic Looks to Re-Invigorate 2D Side Scrolling Shooters (Think Phelios Folks)

Okay, side scrolling shooters used to rule the roost back in the 16-Bit days.  It seemed like we could not go more than a day or two without having a friend tell the tale of a new 2D, either side or overhead, scrolling shooter coming out for a platform of the day (counting hand held devices we had six or seven unique platforms to game on in the early 90’s).  Gryphon Knight Epic looks to pull on your nostalgia strings quite hard if you are a 90’s gamer, especially if you enjoyed Phelios on the Sega Genesis.

Gryphon Knight Epic has some similarities with that Namco classic such as riding a winged beast (a gryphon versus the Pegasus in Phelios).  The motifs are similar though different enough to warrant interest from gamers (medieval versus Namco’s Greek mythology levels).  There is plenty of room in this area for more titles.  Bosses are larger than life affairs that also pull on your memories of facing creatures that really took to heart the term “level boss”.

Gryphon Knight Epic is currently on Kickstarter and looking for a modest amount of money. Platforms expected to be supported include Windows, Mac and Linux.  They have just over three weeks left at this point but don’t wait till the last minute if you plan on putting money in.  Your donation won’t be deducted unless the project is a success.

Carl Williams

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