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Bandit Gaming: Sonic Jam 6 Mario Bros on Sega Genesis

We have covered the Mario games quite a bit here at Retro Gaming Magazine (as evidenced here) and will probably continue to cover them as long as you, the readers, want us to. We have not really covered Sega’s mascot that much though (see here) and we have really not covered many crossovers for the two. That is why I am writing about Sonic Jam 6 Mario Bros on the Sega Genesis. This is unique to say the least.

Basically we have Sonic in a Super Mario bros style adventure, circa Super Mario All-Stars on the Super Nintendo. There are some liberties taken here, collecting mushroom powerups doesn’t make Sonic bigger, just changes his color and adds another hit and there are some cutscenes in this game depicting various “attitudes” of Sonic and company.

All in all, this is an interesting hack and one worth tracking down. Now if we could just get Mario in a Sonic game…

Carl Williams

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