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Bandit Gaming: Tekken 3 on Sega Genesis

Tekken is one of those games that helped push more Playstation sales during the 32-Bit wars than any other game during that time. Sony’s first console was home to three Tekken games and fans ate each of them up as fast as they were released. Now, imagine how Namco’s flagship fighting game would look on the Sega Genesis. Yeah, the Sega console that went head to head with the Super Nintendo, prior to the 32-Bit wars. Check the video after the jump.

Obviously this version is not going to turn purists into Sega Genesis fans but it is a competent looking, illegal, port. There are many characters available, but not a complete cast. Below is the cast of characters-

– Kazuya Mishima
– Lee Chaolan
– Paul Phoenix
– Jun Kazama
– Yoshimitsu
– Heihachi Mishima
– Nina Williams
– Marshall Law

There are plenty of visual limitations shown in the video. Fighting game mainstay line scrolling floors and parallax scrolling are both missing for instance. The characters do look like the originals though so there is that going for this port.

Carl Williams

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