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Bandit Gaming: Super Mario 4: Space Odyssey for Sega Genesis

It is no secret that Mario and company never were able to grace the Sega Genesis platform, officially. That has not stopped fans from making unofficial adventures with Nintendo’s favorite Italian plumber available. Take Super Mario 4: Space Odyseey for example, this is a Russian pirate game and looks pretty decent.

What we have here is a rather unpolished pirate game of a popular game that most retro gamers will know at least one version of. What I mean by unpolished is the little stuff. Mario doesn’t grow a significant amount once he gets a mushroom, it is not obvious at a glance if he can break blocks or not. That can cause problems with strategies in the levels when overhead blocks hinder going up to avoid enemies. Also, there is no real “squish” animation in the enemies, when jumped on, they just pause then blink out and fall off the screen.

For what it is worth, this is probably worth getting for collectors but for purists, obviously the official Nintendo product is light years better.

Carl Williams

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