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OpenBOR: Avengers: United Battle Continues Development

The Avengers are one of the Marvel teams that has kind of gotten the short end of the stick with games. Characters have gotten their own games from Captain America to the Incredible Hulk but as a team, the pickings have been slim (outside of the arcade game that is serving as source material for this game). The X-Men on the other hand have gotten plenty of chances at the money in your pocket (for games at least). Thanks to fans though, the Avengers are going to get another shot, this time using the OpenBOR engine.

Before you get in an uproar over us covering an OpenBOR game, this is not your usual Open Beats of Rage title. This is not simply a sprite rip/swap with sound effects from games that have nothing to do with the character choices. No, Avengers: United Battle is quite a bit more.

Problems with the original arcade game are being fixed in this fan version. Juggernaut is no longer “small” and he doesn’t use a bazooka anymore (why did he in the first place?). Characters have updated stat screens to boot.

For old school brawling fans, this is a must download and play. I am one of those fans, these types of games, good ones at that, don’t come along all that often anymore.

Grab the early version of the game at

Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “OpenBOR: Avengers: United Battle Continues Development”

  1. Douglas Baldan says:

    Hi there, here is O Ilusionista (Douglas Baldan), maker of this game.
    Really thanks for your review, this help me a lot 🙂

    oh, and by the way, on the demo you can play with the following chars: Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor, Vision, War Machine, Beastie, Quicksilver and Emma Frost. The game is not only about Avengers.

    On the next beta, we will be able to play with Namor, Brand, Red Hulk…to name a few chars.

    • Awesome! I have been playing this on my JXD S7300B over the last week or so and have been enjoying it quite a bit. Great work here. I will definitely make an update when you release the next version.

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