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Fan Translation: Aurum for Commodore 64 Finally Available in English

Aurum is a Dutch language text adventure from the 80’s so I understand if you do not know what type of game it is. Now, thanks to Games That Weren’t, Aurum is available in English for the first time. This is not a Zork text adventure but more like later releases such as Sorcercer or Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy where graphics are employed along with the text advancing the story.

The interesting thing about Aurum is that it was never officially released (how it became available is quite a feat in itself). Programmed by John Vanderaart, employed by Radarsoft at the time, and based on an early title he worked on “Magic Stone” (“Steen der Wijzen”).

Aurum Commodore 64 Fan Translation retro 2

The interesting way this game was made available is just amazing. First, the game was apparently available for a short period of time at a Dutch audiovisual conference in the 80’s (probably only to potential musicians for audio work in the game had a commercial release occurred). In 2014, members of Games That Weren’t were in contact with some of those conference visitors that still had a copy of the game, a working copy, for the Commodore 64. Long story short, the game was converted to an emulator compatible file and translated and now it is available for free.

Grab Aurum at

Source: Indie Retro News

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