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New Game: Wildlife Comes to the Odyssey 2 Console

The Magnavox Odyssey 2 is a console that dropped out of the early console wars, well, early. The Odyssey 2 didn’t exactly hold up too well against other systems of the time for many reasons (marketing being one that splintered into many others). That has not stopped indie developers from creating some interesting new games for the Odyssey 2, decades after Magnavox ended the system commercially.

If you are going to pilfer an idea it may as well be a good one and Wildlife has taken two great game concepts- Adventure and Pitfall- and mixed their better parts to create and all-new game. Rafael Cardoso is one such indie developer that has taken up the reigns of creating a new game for the failed Odyssey 2 platform. This is not his first foray into indie development.

“Somewhere in the middle of the Brazilian jungle, Josué Jorge is lost and nearly at his wit’s end, but the thought of finding the Holy Grail keeps him going. His quest will not be easy, for many dangers await him. Wild natives, killer crabs, abandoned bonfires, and the deadliest of them all – “The Aquarium” – a secret underwater series of passage ways. Hold your breath and swim fast, but do not touch the walls of the underwater passage ways. You can do this! But beware… lethal clown fish protecting something shining there in the depths below. Could it be the Holy Grail? Stay focused! There is time, but you must be quick and you must be careful. Good luck on your quest for the Holy Grail, Josué Jorge! You’ll need it!”

There is an extremely limited supply of the physical cartridges left so hurry up if you want one. There is also a poster available for purchase for those with a “man cave” or a “game room” that needs decorating with some retro artwork.

To grab your copy of Wildlife on the Magnavox Odyssey 2 head here.

Source: Retro Game Network

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