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Prototype: Rastan Demo for Atari ST Discovered by Ocean Software

Ocean Software, the company responsible for porting Rastan to home computers, has discovered a demo for Rastan on the Atari ST. This is a unique discovery since Ocean Software were not known for their 16-Bit computer ports (they had none at the time of this release). This is a game that was originally intended to be released in 1987 making this quite an old undiscovered release.

For those that do not know what Rastan, or Rastan Saga as it was also known, is read on. For those that do skip this paragraph. Taito created their version of the popular “barbarian” style game that was popularized by Arnold Shwarzeneggar in the movie Conan years earlier. Rastan is a 2D side scrolling action title pitting you against monsters and various generic creatures. Computers that Rastan was ported to include the Apple IIGS, Commodore 64, DOS and MSX.


From screenshots released by Ocean Software, this version of Rastan is very early in development. No enemies or weapons were programmed into this demo based on the version on the floppy disk.

Source: Retro Game Network

Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “Prototype: Rastan Demo for Atari ST Discovered by Ocean Software”

  1. kungfuian says:

    Love Rastan! Such a great game!!! I played the hell out of it as a kid. In fact; It’s probably the first arcade game I ever beat. I played it so much back in the day at one point I could beat it with one quarter 🙂

    • I never personally have played a Rastan game but it has always been one I was interested in. I remember seeing it in old issues of Electronic Gaming Magazine and Gamepro.

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