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New Game: Pixeltrek in Development for Windows

To say Star Trek is a popular, even years and decades after it stopped airing new episodes, television series would be quite an understatement.  The problem with this phenom of an entertainment product is that it is stupidly hard to please the majority of the fans.  That has not stopped companies from trying over the years though.  Thanks to indie developers, a new take on the show, Star Trek the Next Generation, is being attempted.  This is a tech demo of better things that might come, all in nice pixelated art.

This is the ideal program for fans of the Next Generation show.  Viewed from an isometric angle you are free to explore the entirety of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D (the one that Picard captained in the show).  This is an all-encompassing access program including parts not shown on the television show (like the bathroom just off of the bridge).


Nothing is off limits in this exploration game and the full staff, including those that died in the television show, are planned to be present when this game is finished.  Think of this as the early stages of a Sims game if it was directly based on Star Trek the Next Generation.

Pixeltrek is a work in progress, it is not complete.  For more pictures check out

Carl Williams

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