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New Game: Dork and Imp Coming for Super Nintendo Completing Unfinished Prototype

The Super Nintendo is notoriously hard to develop for which keeps a lot of new titles from coming to the hardware. That has left indie developers with the know how to complete unfinished prototypes of commercial games that never got released. Dorke and Imp is one of those titles that is coming out that, until recently, was an unfinished prototype game that got canceled years ago. Thanks to our friends at Piko Interactive, it will be completed soon and will be released on a physical cartridge.

Dork and Imp is a Swedish developed title that never officially saw the light of day. Piko Interactive have secured the rights to the game from the developer who was employed at Norse. The story behind Dork and Imp is interesting in that it was an early indie developed SNES game since Norse did not have a license to create SNES games at the time. Norse were working on Dork and Imp with the hopes of picking up a publisher later in the development cycle. That never happened.

Fans of 16-Bit games will quickly recognize the genre of Dork and Imp- side scrolling action platformer. A genre that is quite packed in the 16-Bit world but there is always room if Dork and Imp can prove to be a quality release.

Source: Piko Interactive Website

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