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Bruce Campbell Invades Area 51 in Broken Helix on Playstation: Today in History- June 8th, 1997

Area 51 is still a source for conspiracy theorists and those that feel we are not alone in the universe to draw from, even though the CIA has acknowledged the base as only a test facility. Way back in 1997, Bruce Campbell playing the part of Jake Burton in Broken Helix, took on the challenge of just what is in Area 51.

Jake Burton is tasked with infiltrating Area 51 and figuring out what happened to his father. On this mission, Jake is supported by a slew of extra characters that help along the way, though not all are friendly. One character, Black Dawn (not the Sega Saturn game) is in charge of a few specially trained soldiers that are on their way down into Area 51 to “clean” the facility. Clean here means kill EVERYONE they find, including Jake.

An interesting thing about Broken Helix was that it used what Konami called “4-D” real time gameplay. This basically meant that actions on one level would cause repercussions later in the game, not just on that single level (i.e., find the key to unlock this door and continue). Also, Broken Helix has four different plot lines to traverse meaning there are four different endings. These extra storylines are instigated through certain actions in the game rather than selecting them from a menu.

Broken Helix is played from a couple of views, over the shoulder 3rd person, close up over the top of Jakes head and in some parts, it is is ideal to play in First Person Mode.

Carl Williams

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