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Box Art: Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover on Nintendo NES Revealed

This is a follow up article on a game that was covered recently- Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover on the Nintendo NES. Now, the box art is available and the total number of carts to be produced has been revealed. Hint, it is not many for some reason.

If you are thinking that Larry looks a lot like the classic Seirra Leisure Suit Larry, you would be right. Both appear to be based around the stereotype of Larry “Used Car Salesman” Dallas from the hit television show, Three’s Company.

In Larry and the Long Look for a Luscious Lover you are tasked with getting your bachelor laid by a stranger that you pick up during the game. Many destinations will be available including, but not limited to, convenience stores, nightclubs, casinos and the mack daddy location, wedding chapels (always pointed out in these types of things as “the place to be”).

larry and the long look for a luscious lover khan games nes retro (2)

All is not roses and fun here as sexually transmitted diseases and other fails of the swinger life are present and accounted for. Larry can also end up tied to a bed and left for dead among many other ways to lose the game. Winning this game is as simple as finding the right woman and living the rest of Larry’s life happily with the one he loves.

Alright, to the limited quantities part. There will be 23 “limited edition” copies made (see picture) while Retrozone will also offer a normal edition on physical cartridge at some point. The developer has stated that the 23 limited edition copies will be auctioned off on NintendoAge, with plenty of notice before it starts.

There is no official release date for either version at this time.

Thanks to Retro Game Network for the news on this development.

Pics, details and the like sourced from the Khan Games’ Facebook page

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  1. Benihana says:

    It has been released! Order your copy from today.

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