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Game Hack: Bug’s Bunny Birthday Blowout Converted Back to Roger Rabbit Game on NES

Anyone that grew up playing the Nintendo Entertainment System will probably have had at least a passing interaction with either Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Bug’s Bunny Birthday Blowout. The version of Roger Rabbit that came to North America is not the version that was originally intended for release here, that version was edited to become Bug’s Bunny Birthday Blowout. Now, thanks to fans, gamers can enjoy the original Roger Rabbit game as it was intended.

The “official” Who Framed Roger Rabbit game is an adventure game that tries to follow the movie but fails horribly. An interesting tidbit about this version is that it was developed by Rare, the same company that went onto create some stellar games later on the SNES and newer consoles.

Bug’s Bunny Birthday Blowout is a totally different game though. BBBB was a side scrolling action platforming sequel to Bug’s Bunny Crazy Castle which was released a year prior. Both games were received with mixed reviews from critics.

who framed roger rabbit bugs bunny retro nes game hack (3)

Now, thanks to hackers, fans of the Disney movie can enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed on the NES. Much like Sunman, this is another classic restored for gamers to enjoy.

We cannot link directly to the ROM file since Bug’s Bunny Birthday Blowout is not freeware. We can however link to the patch file which is hosted over at and is free to download.

Carl Williams

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