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Bandit Gaming: Spy vs Spy – Mario Bros Edition for Nintendo NES

Mario has had a lot of jobs over the years from doctor (Dr. Mario) to kart racer (Mario Kart series) and even a typing teach (Mario Teaches Typing). One job has eluded the Italian plumber though and that is the elaborate life of a spy. Thanks to fans, Mario can now check off this profession from his bucket list. Using the retro game Spy vs Spy, gamers can now set traps and do nefarious deeds with the brother plumbers.

Yep, you read that right, Mario and Luigi are taking their brotherly rivalry to new heights. Apparently Luigi is not happy about being “player 2” all of the time in all of their games, if he is there at all (he was not in the original Dr. Mario for instance). This rage has been building for years and now, it is time to unleash it with mushrooms, Koopas and more Mario style weapons.

spy vs spy mario bros retro nintendo kemco nes

To get the Spy vs Spy – Mario Bros Edition patch, head over to, we cannot link directly to the ROM file though since it is not freeware.

Carl Williams

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