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Kickstarter: Beast’s Fury Uppercutting Kickstarter Right Now

Remember those cool creature style fighting games of yesteryear? Games like Brutal: Paws of Fury or Darkstalkers that used to rock the console world regularly. They have all but faded away into oblivion as time and lack of imagination sucked them away. Beast’s Fury by Ryan Stevens and his band of indie developers is working to change the face of fighting games.

The basics of a good fighting game are purportedly going to be in Beast’s Fury. Combos off of the walls and ceiling will make fights unique if you are a big fan of juggling or throwing your opponent. Each character will have unique moves and animations to differentiate them from the others (always helpful) and there will be different power gauges called Adrenaline and Fury, that hold pent up power to be unleashed during later parts of the fight.

beasts fury kickstarter fighting brutal paws of fury (2)

Where we step away from the likes of Street Fighter or Brutal: Paws of Fury is the Ultimate Finisher moves. According to the Kickstarter project page, these are similar to Instant Kill Attacks that have appeared in other fighting games. Beast’s Fury will really celebrate these moves by making them appear all cinematic and puntuated with flare to help drive home the humiliation for your opponent.

To back the project or check out some of the cool stuff they have posted, head over to the Beast’s Fury Kickstarter page.

Thanks to Indie Retro News for the heads up on this one.

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