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Night Trap To Make FMV Miracle Return

Anyone that was gaming in the early to mid 1990’s will probably remember the Full Motion Video (FMV) craze that hit gaming. It is funny though, this craze was much older than that, in fact by the time Night Trap saw release, it would almost have been able to be classified as “retro” according to many gamers (going on a 10 year window). Originally planned, filmed and produced, for a previous console (the Hasbro NEMO system for those keeping track), Night Trap was still a “revolutionary” game when it hit the Sega CD.

For the most part, the glass ceiling was slammed into pretty quickly and with great speed concerning FMV games. The technology that allowed these new “real” games also brought with it extremely limited “game”. This didn’t stop many companies from pushing forward, Sega spent millions on a “multi-media studio” specifically tasked with pushing this new format (this didn’t last long).

Night Trap tells the story of a bunch of “college” grade girls who are enjoying a slumber party at Mr. and Mrs. Martin’s house. These girls apparently failed media research or didn’t pay attention to the local news because previously five girls, about the same age as the current slumber party goers, disappeared while staying the night at the Martin’s home. This is bad news, big time. Taking on the role of a new recruit for the “Sega Control Attack Team” (Special Control Attack Team on non-Sega platforms) you are tasked with protecting these “damsels soon to be in distress”.

The problems start when these creatures, called Augers, start abducting- or if you are good at your job attempting to abduct, the girls. If you complete the game by saving all of the girls and capturing all of the Augers, you find out a terrible secret about the Martin family- one that only Simon Belmont or Jonathon Harker would be prepared for.

Why tell you all of that? Because Night Trap is apparently getting a second chance at gaming. At least according to the closed access Facebook fan page for Night Trap:

“I do plan to re-release Night Trap and have been talking with a number of interested parties to do so,” Riley revealed in a comment at the game’s closed-access Facebook fan page. “However, the specific platform(s) have not been confirmed (including online) and I will let you know once we have a definite plan and release schedule.”

night trap sega cd retro fmv hasbro nemo

How this will occur is a mystery since Dana Plato passed away years ago (she could have returned to play Mrs. Martin or something). Probably will be new actresses and actors playing the parts as I can’t really see them simply releasing an “HD” version of the original- though the quote above doesn’t say a “new” game will happen, just a “re-release”.

We will keep you posted.

Thanks to CVG for the heads up on this one.

Interesting trivia:

1) What gaming wide change did Night Trap bring upon it’s release?

2) Can you name all of the platforms this game hit?  There are a lot of them.

Carl Williams

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5 Responses to “Night Trap To Make FMV Miracle Return”

  1. ZikZak says:

    1) Game classificatio
    2) 3DO, PC/MAC, Sega/MegaCD, CD32X, maybe the Laseractive?

    • Carl Williams says:

      1) Right, Night Trap brought on the games rating system, or at least an early version of it that Sega used which switched to the ESRB in later years.

      2) I don’t think Night Trap ever hit the Laseractive. You got the others though. Good job!

  2. YOUDIEMOFO says:

    I’d pick it up if it got rebooted…….

    I remember so much of this and sewer shark from back in the day.

    • I am a big full motion video game fan. I liked Dracula Unleashed and Ground Zero Texas and Prize Fighter quite a bit. A genre that would work well on newer hardware for sure.

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