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Aliens vs. Predator Takes Capcom into Deep Space: Today in History- May 20th, 1994

Wow, has it really been 20 years since Capcom took on the Aliens vs Predator license? This is one of the better brawlers from this era and very much worthy of being played if you can track down a cabinet, yeah, this one never came home (no, the SNES game by Activision doesn’t count). This is Capcom and this is a brawler on the CPS-2 hardware which means Final Fight style graphics and gameplay but with movie licensed characters just waiting to slice you in half.

Featuring four playable characters, including two Predators, Aliens vs Predator is a quarter muncher at its heart and it doesn’t shy away from it. If you are familiar with Final Fight, Streets of Rage or any other brawlers, you are already familiar with Aliens vs Predator.

Some interesting trivia around this one. Originally this was planned to be released alongside the movie (yeah, the one that hit a decade later) and be tied in closely with the film. Also, there was a Sega 32X port planned but it was scrapped before it got very far along in development. Imagine had this game been released for the 32X? It might have been a game changer and caused Sega to be in a unique position since they released the Saturn in May of 1995 (a good six months ahead of schedule trying to catch Sony off guard).


Sadly, there is no home port of this game, again the Activision SNES game by the same name does not count. Therefore, you will have to search out an actual cabinet for this one.  Ebay, though a wild card with these things, is a worthy place to check.  You may want to also check Craigslist and your local Yellow Pages for arcade resellers or “parlor” game sellers.

Carl Williams

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