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New Game: Glorious Leader Chronicles the Power Within Kim Jong-un, or Not

It is no secret that North Korea is slightly behind the times in just about every conceivable measure. There have been wild stories from people that have defected and gotten out of North Korea over the years and apparently, now there is going to be a game that chronicles the powers that Kim Jong-un has, or at least thinks he has. Thanks to Moneyhorse Games, Glorious Leader will hit the PC sometime soon. Read on for the wackyness that ensues in this game.

Not stopping at just mocking North Koreas dictator, Moneyhorse Games have also included Kim Jong-un’s buddy Dennis Rodman. What we have here with Glorious Leader is a 2D side scrolling pixelized action run ‘n gun game. This is satire at it’s finest.


If you wanted to play as a dictator riding a unicorn, fending off tanks with a shotgun (and winning) and can’t swim, here you go. Glorious Leader takes the stories from defectors and really laid on the wacky fun that gaming can offer. Sadly, Kim Jong-un probably really honestly believes this is his life.

Glorious Leader looks pretty cool, storyline aside, as it shows that Moneyhorse Games have put a lot of research into what it takes to make a decent looking action game. The question about how good it plays is still up in the air though as only a gameplay video is available at the moment.

For more on Glorious Leader head over to

Thanks to Polygon for the heads up on Glorious Leader.

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