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Dig Dug 3, er, Mr. Driller Drills The PSOne: Today in History- May 10th, 2000

That title is not a typo, maybe funny in a “unique” way but not a typo as Mr. Driller was originally intended to be Dig Dug 3. Things got changed around internally at Namco and Dig Dug 3 became Mr. Driller when the levels were changed and the game was all around made “simpler” and more “puzzle” based. Namco probably got this one right considering the other option.

Mr. Driller is all about, well, drilling down in the level and doing it quickly. Everything above you can fall on your head if you are not fast enough. To complicate matters, you are on a limited air supply and must replenish it regularly with power-ups.

Mr. Driller may sound simple but when enemies, blocks that require multiple hits to break, AND take away air when doing so, you realize it is indeed not. Everything is all colorful and fun, much like most games of this time period.


This game is cherished by many that play it as it is just clean fun and challenging. Mr. Driller has hit many platforms from Dreamcast and Game Boy Color to Windows. If you want a physical copy, hit, for digital versions check below:

Playstation Network

Carl Williams

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