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Magician Lord Brings Adventure Gaming to the Neo Geo: Today in History- April 26th, 1990

The Neo Geo had a bright future early on before SNK hit fighting game gold with certain games. Titles such as Nam 1975, Baseball Stars and Neo Turf Masters led gamers to believe the Neo Geo was going to be everything to all gamers. Everyone knows that didn’t pan out and fighting games ruled the roost for most of the platforms life. That didn’t stop titles such as Magician Lord from getting made (though it stopped a sequel that was in the works).

If you have played just about any other action platformer then you will feel right at home with the design of Magician Lord. A hyper detailed side scrolling 2D adventure awaits those who wish to see what the Neo Geo was capable of outside of fighting games.

Not content with just being another action/adventure game, Magician Lord also mixes in some transformations that give additional powers and capabilities to you to better survive the levels. This is not an easy game so get ready to die a lot and there are no lengthy tutorials explaining every little detail of the game out to you. If it moves, it is probably a bad guy, if it sits there and lets you walk up to it, it is probably a trap.

magician lord--article_image

One interesting play mechanic of Magician Lord is that there are doors in the levels that you can enter and continue searching rooms or whole new areas of the level.  The only other game I can think of that offered this level of level interaction is Shantae on the iOS platform.  It is interesting and a cool addition that adds depth to an otherwise really detailed straight forward action game.

Magician Lord was developed by ADK who also created other Neo Geo originals such as Crossed Swords, Blue’s Journey and a ton of fighting games for the platform. Such a bright future for gamers on this platform snuffed out by success stories such as the World Heroes series.

If you want a copy of Magician Lord you will have a couple of choices with only two offering a physical version. Below are the purchase options for Magician Lord:

Arcade and home Neo Geo hit up Ebay or Game Gavel for the original cart or arcade board or collections such as SNK Arcade Classics (PSP, PS2 and Wii).
Playstation Network
Wii Virtual Console

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