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3 Count Bout Proves the Neo Geo Can Wrassle: Today in History- April 23rd, 1993

When it came to fighting games in general there is no argument that the SNK went well out of their way to make sure the Neo Geo was covered with fisticuffs of some sort. One category that was sorely lacking though was the wrestling sub-genre, no Muscle Bomber in World Heroes just isn’t going to cut it.

3 Count Bout was a valid attempt at wrestling, even if it didn’t come with a license or any recognizable athletes. What 3 Count Bout did come with was the usual Neo Geo grade super detailed graphics and sound effects. Featuring five different championships for your wrestler to attempt to win (10 characters to choose from), 3 Count Bout has at least a bit of variety.

3 count bout snk neo geo wrestling retro arcade aes mvs

There are three types of matches available, the usual mat match, a street wrestling match and something only WCW ever tried- an electrified match. All of these match types have one thing in common- painful fingers from pounding the buttons in a fetal attempt at winning (SNK didn’t include an auto-fire option on their controllers). While you won’t be playing with Macho Man Randy Savage (R.I.P.) or Hulk Hogan, you will still be able to enjoy a pounding or two with 3 Count Bout- just don’t expect WWE 2K14 depth.

Want a copy of 3 Count Bout? Hit Ebay or Game Gavel because this one has avoided digital re-distribution altogether.

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