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Fan Translation: Final Fantasy VII Available in German With Corrected Text

Sometimes gamers take for granted living in Japan or in North America. Gamers in other countries are not so lucky as to receive “pretty decent” versions of some games, even the big names such as Final Fantasy VII on the original Playstation. The German version was riddled with typos styling errors and just way out there dialog that made no sense. Now, thanks to fans, German gamers can enjoy a new translated version of Final Fantasy VII which is based on the text from Final Fantasy VII International (Square Enix knows how to milk a title better than Capcom, at least in Japan).

The translators have taken great care with this one to guarantee the text is correct and easy to understand/read. Rather than getting wild terms, things now make sense for German gamers. All of the text has been retranslated from the Japanese original keeping this version much closer to the original.

Final Fantasy VII German translation (2)

Continuing the love that is poured into these things, this version tries its best to adapt things to the German language that appeared in later games such as VIII and IX. This helps with cohesiveness and continuity of the series. This is apparent in the fact that “Trank” is now “Potion” and spells use the standard -ra/-ga suffixes as they do in other Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy VII German translation (1)

The password system has been fixed and reinstated along with some additional puzzles that were not available in the original German version. For German gamers, this is the best version you will be able to enjoy. The patch requires the original German Final Fantasy VII release so make sure to have that available. Head over to to grab the patch.

Carl Williams

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