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Metal Slug Brings Super Detailed Sprite Art to Arcades: Today in History- April 19th, 1996

No matter how powerful today’s consoles become the graphical power will never shine as bright as super detailed, hand drawn, sprite work. SNK knew going in with the Neo Geo that arcades were going to represent the largest marketshare for the console. Bringing games out like Metal Slug which bucked the trend at the time of one-on-one fighting games and returned to the roots of gaming with a 2D side scrollign action game that brought a sense of humor, hand drawn sprites and animation and two player anarchy. That is Metal Slug, a title that spawned more than a few, well deserved, sequels.

Gaming has never shied away from topics that were politically polarizing events in history, as long as those events were related to war (gaming has ostensibly avoided the more carnal events in history). Metal Slug takes the war motif, particularly jungle warfare, and runs with it in the various levels. Prisoners of War (P.O.W.’s) need to be freed as you traverse the level and in return they will leave supplies of some sort for you. The enemies are animated in a hilarious manner that is over the top and plays to the comedy angle.

Wait till you encounter the bosses. They are completely out there and amazingly animated and give a great sense of accomplishment when you defeat them.


Metal Slug has been ported to many consoles including the PSOne, Sega Saturn, PSP, Playstation Network, iOS and Android, Neo Geo X and Virtual Console. That is a lot of platforms and that is just the original Metal Slug.

Options for grabbing your copy of Metal Slug are listed below:

Game Gavel
Nintendo Wii Virtual Console

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