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Vay Brings Phantasy Star Role Playing to the Sega CD: Today in History- April 14th, 1994

The Sega CD was known for one thing, other than a lot of full motion video games, and that was animated introductions. Vay came to North America via Working Designs with a fully animated Anime style introduction that told the story. Interspersed throughout the game, at key moments, additional animation is used to further the story.

The story of Vay is one of a great divide of technology and death. Many many thousands of years ago, in a galaxy far far away (no this is not THAT story) an interstellar war had lost a combatant. One of the large mecha are lost to space and time- eventually the pilot dies but the onboard computer continues to operate. Eventually crashing into the planet Vay this mecha re-instates its programming and breaches a swath of death and destruction across the face of Vay, a planet of little to no technology. The five most powerful wizards were able to seal away this mecha safely. The keys to freeing this death machine were hidden across the planet as the mecha was all but forgotten.

sega cd vay retro retrogame working designs

Playing Vay is similar to playing the Phantasy Star series of games, minus the homologation of technology and lack thereof. Battles take place from behind your characters as they face the enemies (unlike the Final Fantasy series where battles are viewed from the side).

Vay is often described as the typical RPG, which is fine. It is definitely one that is right at home for gamers new to the genre or that are just looking for something to jam to that doesn’t require solving a ton of puzzles and branching paths.

Vay has only been re-released on the iPhone and iPod Touch. That leaves Ebay and Game Gavel as options to purchasing a physical copy of the game.

Carl Williams

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6 Responses to “Vay Brings Phantasy Star Role Playing to the Sega CD: Today in History- April 14th, 1994”

  1. YOUDIEMOFO says:

    WOWO!!!!!!!!! Man this has to be (other than Com64) the RPG that started it all for me.

    I can’t remember if it came out first on the CD or the Genesis, but this one I do remember fondly as being my favorite.

    Great background to the site…..”Zombies Ate My Neighbors!” Another classic.

    • Carl Williams says:

      Vay was only released on the Sega CD and, eventually, iPhone and iPod Touch. It is a great game.

      I remember buying this when the local Electronics Boutique was out of one of the Lunar games (I think it was Eternal Blue I was after that particular trip). I don’t regret grabbing this one as it was definitely a key player in my beginning to enjoy these games more and more.

      Thanks for noticing the background. We are all huge ZAMN fans here and it is only fitting to leave it up, even after the first issue has been released. To us, it screams what we are about here- the underdog, the cool retro games. Not just what sold a few million copies.

      • YOUDIEMOFO says:

        Saweeeeet. One of the reasons I stop by here is to pay homage to the “underdog” retro classics that always attempted to break the mold.

        Keep em coming and I’ll keep stopping by…. Great site.

        • Carl Williams says:

          This was one of the harder choices for us since we are trying to hold back to one historical article per day, maximum. There were a couple of other interesting titles (Theme Hospital and Metal Slug 3) that hit this day.

          In the end, as you can see, Vay won out the little article battle royal that we had here in the offices.

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