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Fan Translation: Time Diver: Eon Man, Unreleased NES Title, Now Available in Russian

Time Diver: Eon Man was originally planned to be a 1993 release for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America by Taito. For unknown reasons, Time Diver was not released. There was a version released in Asia which this translation is probably based on.

The story of Tim Diver is set 60 years in the future where the world is almost completely crime free. The Clear System, created by Kane Nelson, keeps things under control till Romedrux, the really bad guys, unleash a plaue of crime. The Romedrux go back in time and attack Dan Nelson, father of Kane Nelson, and try to stop the development of Clear System one generation back. Sound familiar? Yeah, this story is quite similar to that of the Terminator movies but it is just different enough to be worth playing.

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Key elements of Time Diver mainly relate to the fact that the levels after the first are randomized. The levels include Peaceful 1993, Wild West 1882 Devestated 2052, Devestated 1993 and Peaceful Utopia version of 2052. Quite a lineup of varied locales.

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Time Diver: Eon Man was never released in the United States officially though did release a limited to 250 copies reproduction cart in 2010. There are no digital re-releases of Time Diver: Eon Man available at this time.

For more on Time Diver: Eon Man’s Russian translation check out

If you are interested in grabbing a copy of the reproduction you can watch Ebay and Game Gavel, sometimes copies appear for sale.

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