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Resident Evil 2 HD Remake In Progress- Unofficially

Capcom are pretty cool about keeping their titles up to date with new releases, re-releases that improve graphically/aurally, and the like. Resident Evil 1 was remade on the GameCube while Mega Man 1 through 3 were remade for the Sega Genesis with Mega Man Wiley Wars (Sega Channel exclusive in North America) among many other titles. That is why it is so interesting to see fans having to take on the challenge of updating Resident Evil 2.

While Capcom has redone Resident Evil 1 on the GameCube, it is the only RE title to receive such treatment so far. That has not stopped Italian indie developer Invader Games though who are updating the second adventure using the Unity Engine.

Currently a few videos and some Facebook posts are all that is really shown so far for this HD remake. We are not sure if Capcom knows about it yet (if so, there has been nothing made public). This could end up being shelved at the behest of Capcom but for now, let’s enjoy what might be if Invader Games can finish it.

Carl Williams

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3 Responses to “Resident Evil 2 HD Remake In Progress- Unofficially”

  1. Jessika S. says:

    No thanks, I’ll pass…

    • Carl Williams says:

      Personally, I wish there was more of that type of game play in there. More cross over between the two characters stories that would have encouraged gamers to play both stories.

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