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Game Hack: Simon Belmont in 8 Eyes on the Nintendo Entertainment System

When Electronic Gaming Monthly did the Simon Belmont in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, many gamers were caught off guard.  It was unheard of at that time for a magazine to do such a thing- to play a trick on the readers like that?  Thanks to hackers, Simon Belmont is getting around the gaming world, while a TMNT game is still not a reality, visiting the world of 8 Eyes is.

8 Eyes, for those that do not know, is a 2D side scrolling action/adventure title that follows the travels of Orin the Falconer.  The world has been decimated by hundreds of years of chaos and is rebuilding after a nuclear war.  The Great King is trying to complete this monumental challenge but he needs the eight jewels, known as the 8 Eyes.

simon belmont 8 eyes nes retro (3)

This hack features Simon Belmont, a member of the vampire killing, whip wielding, family that is locked in mortal macabre battles with Dracula and his family (Hatfields and the McCoys anyone?).  Simon is just the first step of an overarching hack that will eventually see 8 Eyes converted into an all new Castlevania adventure.  If you think about it, 8 Eyes and Castlevania do look a lot alike graphically.

simon belmont 8 eyes nes retro (1)

Currently, only Simon is in the game though some of his secondary weapons are already implemented in this patch.  Simon brings along his trademark whip which replaces the small sword that Orin used in the original game.

8 Eyes is not freeware so we cannot link directly to a download for it.  The patch is freeware though and available on

Carl Williams

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