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Today in History: April 4th, 1993- Cybernator Blasts onto the Super Nintendo

Konami were not new to taking chances with games and Cybernator is no exception.  Gamers may recognize the game style as being similar to the Sega Genesis game, Target Earth.  That is because they are related, Cybernator is the “prequel” to Target Earth and share a universe.  They also share game play similarities which may be good or bad depending on feelings about Target Earth.

Set in the far future after the Earth’s resources are already dwindling a world-wide war breaks out.  Control over the diminishing resources is tantamount and everyone that has the power is in the fight.  Cybernator focuses on two factions, the Axis and Federation, the two biggest countries battling it out with giant robots and artillery that would make real world governments blush with envy.

cybernator snes retro 2

These events take place about ten years before the events of Target Earth.  You know, for those that wish to play the games in order and piece together the overarching storyline that is surely disjointed and messed up thanks to translation and censorship issues.

Speaking of censorship, the North American version has many things changed.  Little things like character portraits when they are talking to removing a suicide scene among other things.

cybernator snes retro 1

In 2004, in Japan only, there was a remake of Cybernator released on the Playstation 2 (North American gamers never got that one) and on December 17th, 2007 Cybernator was released on the Wii Virtual Console.  Currently, that is the only legal emulated version available.

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