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Game Hack: Normal Mario Bros (Super Mario Bros NES)

The original Super Mario Bros did not feature realistic physics by a long shot, though judging by the scenery who would have expected realism? What if Mario was given a normal height jump instead of his NBA slam dunk style hang time jump? How would that effect gameplay and conquering enemies? That is just what is revealed in Normal Mario Bros.

Mario’s jumping ability has been returned to what he had in Donkey Kong, one block high. Some may be screaming foul already but hold your suspenders for the rest of the story. The levels have been modified to accomodate this change in Mario’s ability, though enemies remain their normal selves- they are not even more deadly.

Pipes have been lowered so that Mario can jump up on them and 1 Up bonus’s are earned after only 10 coins rather than the normal 100. The additional challenge comes in the fact that hopping paratroopa is even more deadly and requires pinpoint timing to eliminate. Remember how you would use a turtle shell to eliminate a row of enemies? You better have your timing down to a science to do that now, same thing for triple hopping on a row of goombas- it is different now.

normal mario bros 1

Taking on Bowser is no longer a matter of simply jumping him and dropping him into the lava. Now, well, you will see.

Normal Mario Bros ends on level 3-4 due to the way the remaining levels are designed versus this hack’s self imposed limitations. If you can make it through this hack, you are truly ‘grasshoppa’.

normal mario bros 2

Super Mario Bros is not freeware so we cannot link to a copy of the game. We can however link to the patch file on

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