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Game Hack: God of War on NES

Everyone knows that God of War is a Sony owned intellectual property, one that would probably never be made available on a Nintendo system. That hasn’t stopped some ingenuitive game hackers who have created a God of War game on the venerable 8-Bit Nintendo. Yea, the NES that was released in the mid 80’s, almost 30 years ago. That one just got a God of War game, unofficially.

This is a hack of Rygar, which could arguably be noted as quite the enfluence on Sony’s fallen god game. The changes are pretty sweeping including sprites, text and levels getting a flair for the style Kratos enjoys.

god of war nes 1 god of war nes 2


Update:  God of War for the Nintendo Entertainment System is quite hard, this is not a walk in the park nor a game that you will beat in one sitting.  If you decide to take on the challenge laid out before Kratos, prepare for a fight and plenty of cheap hits, annoying enemies and starting over again and again.

As you can see from the pictures, the “feel” of God of War is recreated quite well on the NES using the Rygar engine.  Playing God of War on the Nintendo Entertainment System gives you plenty of back story through conversations with non-player characters that you will meet during play.

Anyone expecting a full on recreation of the Playstation 2 title should know better, this is a Nintendo Entertainment System game at its heart- with all of the limitations that brings.  For everyone else, this is a truly tough game that is worth your time to play through and enjoy.  Kratos in 8-Bit has never looked so good.  We will be covering the port of the second God of War to the NES through another game soon.

Since Rygar is not freeware, we can only link to the hack file which is hosted on

Carl Williams

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7 Responses to “Game Hack: God of War on NES”

  1. gradius6 says:

    glad they stop making God of war……. if only call of duty,battlefield company, halo,gears,imfamous 2nd son, rest of FPS open world games would stop being made gaming would be selective and fun once again.

    • Carl Williams says:

      Gradius, what is worse than those games becoming “yearly” releases such as the case with the Call of Duty, Battlefield etc titles, but seeing them reviewed as “retro” titles by other retro sites. That is just stupid.

    • YP says:

      they ddin’t

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