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New Game: Heroine’s Quest Reminds Us of Great Games of Yesteryear


The classic Quest for Glory, originally titled Hero’s Quest but legalities stopped that, is now reimagined as Heroine’s Quest for PC. The cool part is, it is free on Steam, right now. For those that do not know what the fuss is all about, Quest for Glory is a pioneering title that still effects modern role playing games and is revered as a classic adventure title.

Sierra published the Quest for Glory series years ago and now we have Heroine’s Quest as a tribute to that series. This is not a remake, reboot or anything of the sort, Heroine’s Quest is an original game from Crystal Shard and published by Screen 7.

If you remember the Police Quest games, Space Quest and even Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist then you will be right at home with Heroine’s Quest.  For those that do not know about classic adventure titles, these are also known as “point and click” where you are trying to figure out a larger story and usually can see your character go around the game world interacting.

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Grab it from Steam. Thanks Kotaku for the heads up.

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