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Update: Shining Empire Developer Upset Over Poor Kickstarter Standings

Arcade County, developer behind the, soon to be repeatedly, failing online strategy title, Shining Empire, is somewhat upset over poor response from fans using Kickstarter’s platform. One reason for these adverse feelings is that getting word out about the game is tough and it is causing failure at getting funded.

We have tried contacting Arcade County to no avail and even put them in contact with a game artist to help, answering a call for help they had on their website- all to no avail.

“It comes down to a couple of things”, says Arcade County head R. Mulvany. “We’re only focusing on computers, so console users aren’t contributing, and it’s a new IP. You see a lot of inexperienced studios rummaging around and finding old IP’s to buy on the cheap and then resurrecting them. Those are almost always successful on Kickstarter. To put it into perspective, I’ve seen new studios acquire an IP and post nothing more than a piece of concept art on Kickstarter and have 1000% more success than we have.”

As you can see, the bitterness is thick here. It is a shame to be in this position. As mentioned previously, RGM had a failed Kickstarter campaign which did not stop us from moving forward anyhow (though we had several rotations of staff members).

R. Mulvany, head of Arcade County feels that Kickstarter may be the wrong platform for the indie developer:

“If studios can collect donations themselves via Paypal, why even use Kickstarter? Take Double Fine for example. All they really needed was a donations link. They brought that money to Kickstarter then gave them (and Amazon) 10% of the total. The gaming media gave them that publicity. I think they closed at $3,000,000+. That’s $300k they didn’t get due to those fees. And it’s not as if Kickstarter is protecting anyone’s investment. If a company fails to deliver on a product they’re screwed.”

Apparently now it is do or die for Shining Empire as far as Kickstarter goes. Not successful in funding, there won’t be a game.

“A lot of games continue to be worked on if their Kickstarter fails. This is not one of those games. It would be impossible. Not only impossible from a financial standpoint, but if we’re not getting enough press/interest to reach our goals then the game simply cannot be appealing enough to gamers. It’s not easy to spread the word. If you don’t have one of those IP’s I talked about, or you don’t have some established products out there – you need luck. As it stands right now, we seen to be pretty empty-handed in all those regards.”

The game looks interesting and the options put into it are very interesting. The problem I see for Arcade County having so much trouble is their lack of what gamers want to see the most out of this game- some battle videos. Towns, farming, animal training, etc are all nice and dandy but those are secondary to the battles when you are promoting your title as a Shining Force inspired title. From what has been shown so far, this is no more “Shining Force inspired” looking than it is inspired by Harvest Moon or any other over head fantasy title availables since the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Show gamers what they want if you want their support.

If you are interested in seeing, reading up on or supporting the Shining Empire Kickstarter go here.

Carl Williams

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