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Fan Translation: Shining Force III: Scenario 1 Now Available in Spanish

When Sega released Shining Force III: Scenario 1 in North America, it led to high hopes that the other two scenarios would be released also. This dream never came true due to the Saturn dying sooner than expected and Sega pulling the plug on localizing Scenario 2 and 3 of this iconic strategy RPG series. While players that speak English have been able to play Scenari 1 for years, Spanish speaking gamers have been left out of the fun. Until now.

This article is part of our continuing support for Spanish speaking readers, we thank you for your support and hope this shows we appreciate it.

What you can expect from this translation is quite extensive. Extensive as in, the whole game is translated. Everything from story text, attacks, dialog and everything in between is now available in Spanish. This is pretty awesome as Spanish gamers can add one more Sega Saturn game to their list of fun games.shining force III scenario one sega saturn spanish translation (2) shining force III scenario one sega saturn spanish translation (1)

The author of this translation is currently working on all three scenario disks. Eventually, Spanish gamers will be able to enjoy the full Shining Force III game. How awesome is that?

Since Shining Force III: Scenario 1 is not freeware, we can only link to the page.

Carl Williams

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