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Fan Translation: Famicom Detective Club Part II Released

Playing detective and solving crimes is always fun. There is a reason that television shows like Matlock, Law & Order, CSI, Murder She Wrote and more are so popular. People like solving crimes and following the complex stories that surround the mystery. Gaming is no different really. Gamers enjoy the occasional good mystery- just look to the adventure game category for proof of this. Famicom Detective Club Part II is a fan translation of one of the better mystery adventures out there, one that never arrived in North America.

Famicom Detective Club Part II could be called a digital comic since it plays more like Snatcher than King’s Quest. Taking on the role of Shunsuke Utsugi’s new understudy you are tasked with solving cases. Working for your private eye boss is pretty easy, he assigns you to a murder case involving a schoolgirl.Famicom Detective Club Part II Nintendo NES fan translation (1) Famicom Detective Club Part II Nintendo NES fan translation (2)

Completing the case is just like other games in this genre, move from scene to scene and ask people questions. Check evidence, look for clues and other detective activities till you solve the case. The story is complex, sometimes slow to progress and challenging.

We can only link to the patch file at since Famicom Detective Club Part II is not freeware.

Carl Williams

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