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Game Hack: Sunman Converted Back to Superman Title

While Sunman was never officially released, it did see release through the popular, prototype releasing, The Lost Levels website. Originally created by Sunsoft for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Sunsoft had to change the game around moderately due to losing the Superman license prior to release. Thanks to hackers, we can now play the game as intended.

Most of the Superman minutia are replaced in this total conversion from the title screen to the playable character. This is how the unreleased Sunman game was intended to hit market, though it missed on both the part of the license and actually getting out once it survived the loss of the Son of Krypton. Sunsoft didn’t even advertise/promote this title and it remained unknown till it was found by The Lost Levels in a “blind” purchase.

superman sunsoft sunman nes hack (2)

What is cool about Sunman/Superman is, Kenji Eno worked on it as the planner/director. For most, this is an unknown name, but to us retro gamers, he is a fan favorite. Eno worked on titles like the classic Sega Saturn title, Enemy Zero- which was on PC also if you are looking for a cheaper, easier to find, copy. Other notable titles in his collection include D (PSOne, Saturn, 3DO and PC), Sega Rally 2 on Dreamcast (music) and D2 also on Dreamcast.

If you are wanting to play an unreleased game hacked back to what it was intended to be then grab the patch from and the head over to The Lost Levels to get the ROM.

Carl Williams

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