Super 3D Noah’s Ark Re-Released on Cartridge by Fans (Minus Crazy License Bypass Methods)

super 3d noah ark super nintendo

Wolfenstein 3D was a seminal release, it showed that PC’s of the time were quite capable of gaming and doing so in a manner that consoles at that time could not (though later it was proven they could, somewhat). Since the early days of gaming there have been unlicensed games for consoles (Activision started this way for instance). Couple those two things together and throw in a splash of the Bible and you get Super 3D Noah’s Ark for the Super Nintendo. Now re-released in cartridge format, minus the wild and crazy license bypass methods the original required, Super 3D Noah’s Ark can be enjoyed by a new generation of gamers.

Licensing the Wolfenstein engine was not hard, it simply required the right phone calls and a bit of cash and it was yours. id Software was cool about this type of thing. Wolfenstein 3D, albeit censored, did make an official appearance on the Super Nintendo, so did the original Super 3D Noah’s Ark (though only available in Christian bookstores).

Piko Interactive have acquired the rights to this game and have re-released it without the crazy licensing bypass action the original required. You might say this version is plug and play ready.

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