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Prototype: Jet Moto 2124 Released for Original Playstation

Prototypes for Nintendo and Genesis games are quite popular but what about for the original Playstation? While there are not as many found and released, they do tend to pop up from time to time. Recently a prototype for Jet Moto 2124 was found and released by game preservationists at JetMotoCentral.

While Jet Moto had three rather successful releaseds on the Playstation, the fourth title (a would be 1999-2000 release) was never finished by 989 Studios. 2124 brings the series to the future, removes the need of water (as if it was that important in any of the other releases) and pits the player in races on planets like Mars, the Moon and Europa to name a couple.

Much like other prototypes that have been released, there are problems with this release that could break your having fun with it. Check out JetMotoCentral’s forums for the download information, bug list and to talk with like minded fans.

Carl Williams

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One Response to “Prototype: Jet Moto 2124 Released for Original Playstation”

  1. Evens Larose says:

    For all the people that says the track design is bad, go learn Jet Moto driving. It’s not because I’m the best of the world (Yeah I own all the world records as nobody tries to beat them) that I find it easy! They’re really cool! The narrow turns are challenging! I like having to brake at every moment, it makes the tracks more difficult! This game, even though incomplete, is the best in the whole series! I especially like Mercury, that track that is “near-impossible” with a heavy bike! I do it on the turbo all along! The game was going to be released in spring 2000. Too bad it is not finished. I’m the world’s best Jet Moto fan. I’m even making a fan Jet Moto 5 game here :

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