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Bundle Sale: Build a Retro Groupee 2

Everyone loves sales so get in on this one while you still can. This is like the other bundles that you have seen but slightly different. Build a Retro Groupee 2 lets the buyer decide what they want from the selection of games available. Don’t care for certain games, simply don’t add them to the bundle.

Games available to pick from include:
Gobliiins Trilogy (Adventure)
Irem Arcade Hits (Arcade Collection)
Raiden Legacy: The Return (Overhead Scrolling Shooter)
Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman’s Mine + Soundtrack (Point and Click Adventure)
Saturday Morning RPG (Role Playing Game)
N.P.P.D. Rush (Action RPG)
Pineapple Smash Crew (Shooter)
Rot Gut (Minimalist Action)
Two Brothers + Comic (Action/Adventure)

Okay, how this works is you pick what games you want and are given two prices. The recommended and minimum amounts for the bundle of games that you have chosen. The full set of games is a minimum of $4.92 as of this writing, not bad for this much variety.

Grab your Retro Groupee now while there is still time.

Carl Williams

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